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Best Psychologist in Gurgaon

Are you looking for a best psychologist in gurgaon? Contact the Matritava centre. Our therapists also incorporate mindfulness into their treatment plans for patients to help them decrease their stress levels and anxiety. If you’d like to try teaching your children how to manage stress in a healthy way, our therapists can also help!

We implement a variety of proven treatment methods including interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. Furthermore, we also ask that you bring along any insights gained during your session with our clinical therapists to manage your emotional reactions.
With our licensed and highly trained therapists, we have instituted a practice of valuing clients’ emotions at the onset of treatment. This means that every client who comes to us is assured of receiving exceptional service that takes into account their individual needs as well as their personal situation. Our mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy is ideal for couples, struggling families and individuals.
In addition to that, we also ask that you come in with any insights gained from your session with our clinical therapists for counselling psychologist in Gurgaon. With our licensed and highly trained therapists, we have instituted a practice where clients are encouraged not just to look at their situation logically but to let their emotions play a role as well.
Our mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy provides the opportunity for people to learn how to manage their emotions and find new ways of coping which can help when it comes down to personally possessing qualities like helping towards dealing with loss, reducing stress and engendering a healthy self-image.