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In vitro fertilization (IVF) has become a widely sought after option among many couples across India trying to conceive. Many fertility centers and clinics in Gurgaon offer specialization in IVF procedures.

The procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most advanced fertility treatment to help you get pregnant. In IVF, doctors use a special microscope to see inside your uterus and get samples of your eggs. The sperm are placed together with the egg in a special container and incubated for three to five days to allow them to fuse. A single embryo is then transferred into your uterus so it can hopefully implant itself and begin developing as an early pregnancy.

The great thing about IVF is that one fertilized embryo may create up to four or more new babies! While this procedure can attract a lot of attention, there are some myths claiming that IVF clinics harvest the embryos from other women’s bodies after they have died – this is absolutely false! These rumors need to be debunked. We understand why these rumors exist but itssignificant people know the reality!

We need to dispel some myths about IVF

Myth 1: IVF treats all infertility issues

Fertility specialists can help couples have a baby in many various ways. Some examples include simple treatments such as tracking ovulation, doing pregnancy induction combined with artificial insemination, or even IVF treatment if the simpler options fail to work. Many couples benefit from less complex methods before trying more risky treatments but because IVF is not always successful and could pose negative risks to you or your baby depending on your specific medical history.

Myth 2: It is highly expensive and only available to the wealthy

Even though fertility treatment is slightly expensive, many clinics offer flexible payment plans and can assist you by using a dedicated finance team to ensure that your financial needs are met. There will be difference in the costs of IVF treatmentsinGurgaonat various clinics depending on which drugs have been utilized. In general, the success rates vary across fertility treatment clinics but there are certain factors that clients should look out for while searching for a clinic.

Myth 3: IVF is only suitable for younger couples

Although IVF success is usually determined by age, with the right tools and techniques it may still be achievable in the later phases of life too. The rate of live births differs greatly depending on the age of the recipient woman and if they are using frozen eggs, donor eggs or an embryo as a surrogate. It is main to remember that these options carry far better chances at childbirth than naturally conceiving older women so there’s no reason for concern.

Myth 4: The process was 100% successful

Infertility is very common, affecting almost 15% of people of reproductive age. But there are multiple factors that can affect fertility. For women between the ages of 30 to 35 and above, their success rate for conceiving a baby with IVF was about 54% in 2019. This may appear to be lower but actually it’s higher than the success rate for women making this pregnancy attempt for the first time. The key here is that no matter what, any conception attempts remain vital because you living as your best you will ultimately improve your chances both outside and inside of the lab.

Myth 5: The babies born from the IVF process suffer from birth defects and malformations

IVF babies have been under intense scrutiny for years to ensure its safe, and there is no proof that IVF has any negative effect on the development of these babies. Additionally, these days’ doctors provide genetic screening tests to determine which embryo is the healthiest and then proceed with transferring only that embryo which results in a healthy baby.

Myth 6: Procedures such as IVF are not always safe

IVF is a very safe procedure in the hands of an IVF specialist. To make sure you make an informed decision to go through the process, it’s main that you experimentation several options and choose the clinic with proven success rates while also keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, expert embryologists, and highly qualified doctors. In order to ensure that your experience is a positive one at all points during this process, it’s also important to ensure your clinic of choice has trained staff who are also helping you during your IVF treatment plan. This will save you pressure down the highway by making sure that unnecessary mistakes aren’t made.

Myth 7: In vitro fertilization results in multiple babies

Previously, IVF process involved transferring multiple embryos, thus increasing chances of successful implantation. Nowadays, fertility doctors select the healthiest embryo and transfer it naturally to minimize the possibility of manypregnancies.

Myth 8: Cesarean births are common following IVF pregnancies

A large number of pregnancies following the best IVF treatment in Gurgaon at Matritava had a vaginal delivery.